Destination Wedding: Laura & Neil. Cameo Island, Zakynthos, Greece.

Off to the island once more! Cameo Island has been a popular choice of venue this year and its obvious why when you see it! It looks absolutely stunning, especially in this weather.

I woke up early on the day of Laura & Neil’s Destination Wedding, mostly because of the heat. It was 30 degrees already and the sun wasn’t even up!

The forecast was for 40+ degrees and the thought of running around a wedding or 12 hours was making me sweat even more, I couldn’t imagine how Laura & Neil were feeling.

Zante Zakynthos Tom George Photography Destination Wedding Photographer, Greece, Essex

I met Laura at the entrance to Cameo Island. She looked beautiful in her crisp traditional dress and was drawing lots of attention from the tourists. We got some shots on the famous bridge and took a (very) slow walk to the ceremony where Neil was patiently waiting.

After an emotional ceremony the newlyweds soaked up the congratulations from their friends and family and started to get into party mode. I asked Laura if she was happy to start with the family portraits but it was so hot she asked to wait for a few hours so everyone could sit in the shade a bit longer.

If I have once piece of advice for couples on their wedding day it would be to enjoy what is happening around you. Don’t worry about flowers or photographs. You have done all the work, let the vendors worry about these things as your Wedding day will go super fast.

I have seen couples panic and stress about keeping to the photographers schedule. This is crazy. I’m there to make your day better and let your Destination Wedding play out as you want it. Happy relaxed people = better shots!

When it was time to leave a boat pulled right up to the sitting area and started ferrying guests back to their coach. It was an exciting way to end an amazing day and so refreshing after the hottest wedding I have ever been to! 45 degrees at its peak but everyone kept their cool.


Congratulations to Laura & Neil for going the extra mile and getting married in such a stunning location. Everyone was on top form and it was Destination Wedding I will never forget.


Capture your Destination Wedding with a Destination Professional. Every detail captured, every memory recorded. And all kept in a high class album that will last forever.


Drop me a line now to check availability and chat about your Destination Wedding.


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