My favourite shots of the summer.

As that winter wind starts to find its way over Essex I thought i’d share some of my favourite shots from this summer (and warm up a bit from the memories!).

It was a record breaking summer for me with more weddings then ever, and also one of the hottest. My new personal best for shooting a wedding- 45 degrees!


Zante Zakynthos Tom George Photography Destination Wedding Photographer, Greece, Essex

First up is Cameo Island, Zakynthos. This was an unbelievably hot day. I woke up and went for my run before the sun came up and it was already 30 degrees!

The key to shooting a wedding in this heat is organisation. You don’t want to leave people standing around in the sun on a wedding day so group shots are taken quickly and candid reportage shots take priority over staged.

This shot came just after the ceremony. I could see Claire (the bride) glancing over longingly at the sea behind her during the ceremony, daydreaming of diving in! As soon as the ceremony was complete the shoes came off and everyone started jumping in to cool off.

The Groom and his Groomsmen took off more than their shoes!

Zante Zakynthos Tom George Photography Destination Wedding Photographer, Greece, Essex


I wanted an image that told the story of the heat. I liked how they hurriedly whipped their shoes off and left the flowers on the floor, dropping everything they had to get in the sea. I focused on the shoes so you get a better idea of what’s going on in the image. Composing in this way also leads your eye along the image- starting at their shoes, onto the Bride and Maid of honour, and finally to the Groom and Groomsmen in the water.

In the black and white image of the Groom I captured the moment the Groomsmen dared each other to remove every last item of clothing! They started waving their undergarments around and the whole wedding roared with laughter. It was a split second moment and I decided to include the wedding band in the image as the Accordion player was in tears he helps build a happy atmosphere in the image.

This was a great moment from a scorcher of a Destination Wedding and afterwards the whole wedding party was more relaxed! It broke the tension and began an epic afternoon of partying! Great fun.


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