Location Inspiration: Kipseli

Kipseli is an undiscovered gem in Zakynthos. An idyllic spot that allows you to set up your wedding party right on the beach!

This is a particularly special venue for the evening section of your big day. The food is incredible, classic Greek, and can be enjoyed as the sea laps up against the shore just meters away.

As the sun goes down your are treated to uninterrupted views of Kefalonia whilst surrounded by lush greenery.

The true magic of this location is the tranquillity. It must be the quietest part of the island (it is a bit of a journey to get to). You are almost guaranteed to have the beach to yourself, something of a rarity on a small, popular island.

Book early and enjoy a chilled out venue with a real Greek vibe. Enjoy!

Check availability today: tom@tomgeorgephotography.co.uk


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