Brand Photography

I started out in Branding, creating identities for businesses trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

A brand is a complicated entity to maintain, but one the most powerful and significant tools at your disposal is imagery. 1000 words and all that! Stock photos are useful but make you look the same as your competitors. Consistent imagery on every ‘touch-point’ is how strong brands are built.

I do more than just turn up and shoot, I understand your brand first and help to create effective imagery that enhances your business and reflects your image.



Types of shot:

Hero Shot- The main focal point or introduction image of a brand.

Pack / Product Shots- Your product / service shot with your brand aesthetic.

Atmosphere Shots- Showcase your bustling business with entertained customers.

Demonstration Gallery- Instructional slideshow / gallery.

Staff / People Portraits- Consistent, high quality staff imagery for a stronger brand feel.

Property / Location Shots- Set the scene for your customers.




Half Day – £80.

Full Day – £140.



Phone Tom- 07474234534