When it comes to Wedding Photography I have found there are two main types of client;

  • The first loves the camera wants to be in the centre of a glamorous photo shoot.
  • The second gets a bit uncomfortable when they see that camera pointing their way and are convinced they never look good in photos.


I have specialised in capturing the most beautiful photos possible of the second client. 

On the big day I am expert in being unseen and photographing everyone without them knowing. I do this because I end up with natural expressions and genuine moments of emotion.

I remember that it’s not my big day and that everyone will have a much better time without a big lens in their face!

Imagine the dance floor at the end of night- would you dance the same if a photographer was focused on you? Would you dance at all? I’ve found that by staying back I get much better shots because everyone is more comfortable.

This makes my final album a powerful reminder of their big day, exactly as it’s supposed to be. I offer full service, being there for anything the client needs, and I never miss a moment.


I value my relationship with the Planners I work with and I want to represent your brand as well as I do my own.

If you find yourself with a ‘Client Two’ and point them in my direction not only will they enjoy their big day more, but I will contribute 15% of the total booking back to yourself.

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