Destination Wedding: Lucy & Spiros. Balcony Boutique Hotel, Zakynthos, Greece.

I was really looking forward to this particular wedding as I am a HUGE fan of Greece. I love the people, food, culture, scenery, everything!

So not only was this wedding taking place in one of my favourite Greek islands, but the groom was also Greek. This could only mean one thing- I was about to witness an authentic Greek Wedding!

They do wedding properly in Greece! The venue is packed with guests dancing and drinking the whole day, sharing stories under the sun and feasting on the best food in the world. However I also believe that we in the UK have weddings down to an art form. We throw tasteful, opulent shindigs that celebrate the happy couple perfectly.

After meeting Lucy & Spiros I was delighted to hear that this wedding would be half Greek and half traditional English. Beautiful!

The Balcony Boutique Hotel is my favourite venue in Zakynthos. The view over Tsilivi and the Ionian sea is stunning and the hotel itself is modern and cool (with great coffee!)

The ceremony had a real buzz as you could tell every guest was enjoying themselves. It was super hot (40 degrees+) and the Groom had a real sweat on! The Bridge looked incredible. Lucy is a successful TV costume designer and she spent months hunting through London’s coolest boutique shops looking for her outfit.


With the familiarly English ceremony done, and the group shots in the can it was time for the Greeks to take over! Out came the food, the Ouzo, and the dancing!

There were no professional dancers hired, only very enthusiastic amateurs! Everything the Greeks do involves friends, family, and community so everyone was up and linking arms bouncing to the Bouzouki!

I woke up the next day with the smell of the sea in my nose, the taste of Ouzo in my mouth, and wonderful memories of one of the coolest and easily the most fun wedding I have ever been to.

Thank you to Lucy & Spiros. It was an honour to document your wedding.

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