Destination Wedding: Hollie & Ryan. Akrotiri North, Zakynthos, Greece.

Akrotiri North is an exclusive venue set in the most affluent part of the island. It’s minimal, cool, quiet, and has its own perfect beach.


Holllie looks nervous but absolutely stunning when she arrived in her Mercedes, Bridesmaids in tow. Ryan was waiting patiently in the sun and kept his back to the procession only seeing his Bride for the first time as she was standing next to him.

The crystal clear Ionian sea made the perfect backdrop and, even though the day was a bit overcast, they both looked great during the emotional ceremony.


Hollie wanted the group shots done as soon as possible so straight after the ceremony I mobilised the Groomsmen and rounded everyone together. You have to rush, but also take your time when taking group shots on a Destination Wedding. The Weather is usually a factor and and you cant keep children and the elderly standing around in 30+ degree heat.

I have strict rules for the group shots and essential preparation needs to be done before the day to ensure this phase goes smoothly. Nobody really wants to stand there posing for photos all day especially as the party goes on around them. The bride especially gets bored of posing as she features in most of them and all she wants is to enjoy her day. I get every shot Hollie wanted in under 15 minutes (personal best) and then everyone relaxed and sunk into party mode!


Akrotiri North is a stunning venue for dinner. You are outside but covered from the elements and the sound of the sea gently plays behind you as you tuck into your Mousaka.

A touching round of speeches followed the food and then the night really kicked off!

The Ouzo flowed and this group really started enjoying themselves! I will never forget how much fun everyone had dancing and laughing all night. Such a great group of people on top form, set in a stunning location. This is what Destination Weddings are all about.


Well done to Ryan and Hollie and a massive thank you for the honour of capturing your day. They both kept cool and did the best thing you can do on your wedding day- enjoy yourself.


Remember your Destination Wedding forever with a beautiful album and share it with your friends and family. There is magic in a professionally made Wedding Album- your Destination Wedding deserves it.

For prices, availability, and to talk Destination Weddings please get in touch today:

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