Cotswolds Countryside wedding.

The location for this beautiful wedding is right in the heart of the Cotswolds. A small village and a smaller village church made a big impact on everyone that attended. This was the English countryside at its very best.

The Church was a very well maintained Saxon building with lots of natural light and a traditional stained glass window providing a stunning focal point.

It felt cozy as soon as you arrive, made even more so by the fact that every flower came from the family garden, the music was provided by the family, and even the post Wedding Cider came from the family orchard! It’s the first time I have seen every detail of the day come from friends and family, nothing brought in. It gave a very warm and welcoming feel to the whole day.

For the reception everyone made the most of the amazing weather and a massive game of Rounders kicked off! Everyone was outside eating, drinking, and playing.

I have never been to a more relaxing, friendly, and fun Wedding. It gave a real insight into how to plan an amazing Wedding without the cost or the stress. Keep it within the family!

Thank you to Menna and Andy for having me on your big day.

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