Made (shot) in Chelsea.

The stage was set for a truly spectacular Wedding as I did my usual pre-shoot routine at the Hurlingham Club in Fulham, then onto Chelsea town hall.

My routine includes visiting the venue at the time of day at the wedding so I can visualise the shots I want, find the best location for the group shots, get friendly with the staff to see if I can access new areas for a better angle, and obviously see what Rum they have at the bar.

The Hurlingham is an exceptional venue. Their Rum selection is amazing!


Set in the West of London on the banks of the Thames near Battersea Station The Hurlingham is a very famous, very old, and very well respected private members club. Once through the gates you are taken into a bucolic world of lakes, lawns and even the odd Peacock.

Judging by the preparations taking place I could see this would be one of my biggest weddings yet. More Rum!

As the guests arrived on the big day the Violins and Cello’s began playing. The fine food flowed and eventualy the Bridge arrived in a new custom Maybach.


I knew where I wanted to shoot so when the Bride arrived she didnt even notice I was there, and neither did the guests. This allows me to get real emotion in my shots and people always act differently on camera, and everyone always tells me- the best photos of them are the ones they didn’t know were being taken.


Once all the guests were settled I had to organise the group shots. This part, believe me, is not what a Bride wants to do on her wedding day. This is why we had it all planned beforehand so that I knew exactly which photos she wanted to get, and I got the chief Bridesmaid to help round people up. 15 minutes later and all the group photos were complete so eberyone can get back to enjoying the day.

After chatting, drinks, and dinner a Moroccan belly dancer burst onto the scene signalling the start of the party!

And what a party. Everyone was on great form and I havnt laughed so hard in a long time. For the ceremony and general proceedings I stay out of the way and let events unfold naturally. Other wise it comes a film set and all genuine emotion is lost. However, when the lights go down and the party rages there is only one place to be- in the centre!

Everyone that night did manage to forget one detail- the actual ceremony was taking place the next morning!

Hungover and dishevelled we all made it to the town hall where I got my first taste of Photographing a full Wedding party on the streets of London. Here’s one I didnt send to the bride! Bloody buses!


Even though the venue was spectacular, and the food incredible, and the Rum delicious- on the way home I realised that what made this wedding one of my favourites was the people. Everyone enjoyed themselves and for one day (and a night) forgot all their troubles and just had fun. The venue doesn’t dictate how enjoyable the wedding will be- the people do.

Although if you have the ability to hold your reception at the Hurlingham I HIGHLY recommend you do!

Thank you Miriam and William. That, I will never forget.

For more snaps from around the world please click here, until the next time!




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